Early Parenting Among Teenagers

Early parenting means having one child between the ages of 15-19,Early parenting among teenagers is a situation where a teenager gives birth at the wrong time or when she is not of age. Statistics have it that 70% of childbirth in the world are mostly from teenagers, Especially those who are still under their parents or guardians. There are, however, Some factors that cause Early parenting among teenagers. These are poor parenting, indiscipline poverty etc.

To start with, Poor parenting has been among teenagers. In Nigeria, Many teenagers are not properly trained or guided by their parents or guardians . Parents are often reluctant to train their teenagers in sex education. Some teenagers are being taught by their peers or strangers who will later take advantage of them because they are naive. Parents are to train their children, especially the teenagers who here things outside of sex education, drugs etc. They should be told the side effects of learning from the wrong people and seek proper counsel when something is wrong with/in their bodies.

Furthermore, Children mostly teenagers lack discipline, they disobey and avoid people who correct them in things that might destroy their lives. Indiscipline among teenagers has also been the cause of early parenting, Teenagers should learn to be disciplined in anything they do. They should always listen to the counsel of those who tell them the right things to do.

Additionally, Poverty has also contributed immensely to early parenting among teenagers, Poverty is the state of being poor, when there is the poverty of food in the home or country, most teenagers do some things such as prostitution, and hookups in other to feed themselves thereby leading to unwanted pregnancy which could lead to their death or early parenting.

In furtherance, Early parenting among teenagers could destroy the future of a child, when a teenager gets impregnated or gives birth as a teenager, It will affect the dreams and inspiration of the child. It makes the teenager pass through some stages of life too soon because of the lack of exposure.

To sum it up, Early parenting among teenagers should not be encouraged. This could be a result of poor parenting, indiscipline or poverty. The Government should create more awareness on the radio, TV or magazines on the damages of early parenting among teenagers which could result in so many things in the society.

By Ogunwale, Abigeal Funmilayo. Photo credit: insideeducation

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