The Best Superstar Offense Abilities In Madden 23

With every new Madden game, individual superstar abilities become more and more relevant. And Madden 23 continues that trend. So in this article, we’ll focus on the best offensive abilities to equip your players.

Deep Out Elite

Deep Out Elite is a great ability to have with fast receivers who can consistently gain a step or two of separation. There is nothing worse than throwing a deep pass that touches your receiver’s hands and is either knocked out by the defender in traffic or dropped under pressure. This WR ability increases the chances of a successful catch over 20 yards. Capitalize on this ability with play-action as the defense is likely to bite on the run fake, enabling you to exploit matchups on the outside. If you have a wide receiver such as Travis Kelce, put the Deep Out Elite ability on him, and throw a high point streak to him deep along the sideline. Go up and aggressively catch it, and you’ll see a lot more mosses than you’ve ever seen in the past. So, if you use some madden 23 mut coins to obtain him in Ultimate Team mode, also very worth it.

Hot Route Master

Passers with this ability can access four extra hot routes during pre-play adjustments. The additional hot routes granted to your offensive players with one of these superstar abilities are more effective than ever. Having a player with one of these abilities massively opens up your offense from a play-calling perspective. Just having the ability to put an extra crossing route, corner route, or running back angle route can turn an ordinary play into a money play.

Set Feet Lead

These are possibly the most important abilities for any quarterback in Madden 23. These abilities give your quarterback much better velocity on passes. The extra half a second that you save can often be the difference between an interception and a touchdown. You do not have an elite Madden quarterback unless he has either the Set Feet Lead Elite abilities.

Route Technician

Talented receivers can rely on their explosive speed or aggressive hands to win their matchup against defenders, but at the end of the day, a receiver is only as good as their route running. There’s a reason why Davante Adams is the highest-rated receiver in Madden 23, and it’s all because of his route running. Sure, Adams has developed incredible hands, but the Route Technician ability gives him an extra boost in creating separation on the last cut of his route. Now, if it’s a deep route, you better hope the offensive line can hold the pocket long enough. The big downside of route technician is that it is one of the hardest superstar abilities in the game to get.


Remaining posed while the defense is lumbering toward you in the pocket requires a tremendous amount of courage. Because quarterbacks under defensive pressure typically throw inaccurate passes that either fall incomplete or in a defender’s hands. The counter to this is putting the Fearless ability on your quarterback. It describes what it does, “Passers with this ability are immune to throw penalties caused by defensive pressure while their feet are set in the pocket.” If you have a quarterback with the Fearless ability, they are immune to throwing penalties when under defensive pressure. This ability works, and it works very well.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the superstar abilities we’ve laid out above, but everyone has their own preferences. What are some of your favorite superstar abilities in Madden 23? Let us know in the comments section! For more Madden 23 content updated all year? Following our game website!

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