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    • Samuel Ogunwale started the discussion Transition from crude oil to GOLD

      July 17, 2020 at 10:31 PM

      Nigeria recently refined its own gold and stoke piled for reserve. All these is because of the precarious state of crude oil but will this solve our problem. 

      No, it won’t solve it. It will rather aggravate our problems.

      The daily question I ask is what is really wrong with Nigeria but the only answer that keeps coming to my mind is “The elites or the enlightened minds” are the major problems of this country because we only come online to talk and not the government who has nothing to offers us because they are blatantly gullible.

      Imagine if bankers shut down the financial institutions for at least a month just to bring the government to book, ASSU shutdown education system, PENGASSAN as well but rather we all keep complaining.

      We only remember to protest when our sector individual sector is affected.

      It doesn’t add up that Nigeria is like this with all the bright minds we have. Indeed we lack patriotism

      The elites are the real problem. In a sane system, a large proportion of the elites or think thanks should be the ones in government but Nigeria is the opposite. We are running an insane system of government which is one and only of its kind in the world.

      We need to make Nigeria great 

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