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    • NaijaSubway started the discussion E-Commerce In Nigeria.

      August 27, 2020 at 4:24 PM

      As at 2017, the Nigeria population was over 195 million people while in 2020, it was said to be over 200 million people in population.

      Nigerian has one of the best mobile network ecosystem in Africa. Goggle provided a “goggle station” in 2018 to help in expanding the internet availability in Nigeria.

      The Nigeria e-commerce is said to worth over 13 billion USD. The e-commerce section in Nigeria has improved in a well structure manner that the online retailing have taken over all social media platforms.

      In as much as there are still customers who prefer to visit shopping centers to purchase their purchase their products, majority of Nigeria businesses have moved online.

      This has indeed been a way of enabling digital commerce and restructuring in Nigeria. Instagram, twitter and Facebook are some of the social media platforms where online stores sells and get majority of their customers aside from using a website.

      The Nigeria government has also helped the e-commerce industry by enforcing a cyber-crime law in 2015 which has helped and protect customers and bossiness owners from fraud when doing online transactions.

      Nigeria e-commerce have been limited by factors such as addressable logistics, poor customer service and conflict with return policies. 

    • NaijaSubway started the discussion Shoprite Exiting Nigeria After 15 Years And It's Effect on Nigerians!

      August 3, 2020 at 11:04 AM

      Grocery Retailer Shoprite will be exiting Nigeria (the most populous country in Africa).

      The giant South Africa based retailer has decided to sell the majority of its stake in Nigeria due to loss of sale.

      A decline of 7.4% in customer’s visit and an increase of 18.4% in average spending, this comes after the effect of lock-down enforced by the Nigerian government due to Covid-19.

      There is a ray of hope as reports confirmed there are some investors willing to buy their stakes and further turn the giant retailer into a world-class supermarket.

      What should an average Nigerian expect from their exit, will this help develop more local SMEs or further extends the power at the top?  

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