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    • NaijaSubway started the discussion The Nigeria Educational System

      July 8, 2020 at 11:19 AM

      Nigeria Educational system is currently based on 1-6-3-3-4 formula, which entails 1 year Nursery education, 6 years primary education, 3 years junior secondary education, 3 years secondary education and 4 years tertiary education. This model of education was adopted in 1989, of which the older generation have been able to benefit from.

      As time goes on, there has been a huge decay in the Nigeria educational system. Over 10% of the children population in Nigeria are out of school, while we have 15% who perform poorly in school.

      The universities lack proper infrastructures to provide standard studying environment for students, of which lack of electricity and Internets are some of the basic factors affecting the educational system in the country.

      Many eligible Nigerians who have been able to get admission into federal and state universities cannot afford to pay their tuition fees. There are also students with excellent results, who have been able to meet up with the criteria set by an institution for a particular program but got rejected due to the corrupt practices that has eaten up the system.

      Please share your OPINIONS/SOLUTIONS on how the Nigeria Educational System can compete with The Educational System in the first world countries.

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